PM360 2020 Innovative Strategy Beyond the Lockdown from IBM

Beyond the Lockdown


Partha Anbil, Business Area Leader, IBM Healthcare & Life Sciences

With the new normal approaching, what we do right now will define the future, and yet making decisions and acting with assurance has never been more challenging. One necessary, immediate action is developing a framework that outlines a path forward for clarity amid the uncertainty. According to IBM, it can make the difference between organizations that survive and those that do not.

The IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) released a special report, “Beyond the Great Lockdown: Emerging stronger to a different normal,” to offer a framework organized around seven key imperatives that will be useful for any organization’s executive team. These seven areas include the health and safety of employees, supply chain issues, customer engagement, business continuity, cybersecurity, workforce empowerment, and enhanced efficiency.

The guide provides a set of activities that companies should address immediately, if they have not been already, as well as longer-term actions that should be included in any organization’s plans for the near future. The new normal will force companies to adapt to new structures: organizational, social, and cultural. There is a lot to do and it will seem daunting and undoable. That is why the entire executive team is needed. Each leader will have a role to play in preparing the organization for a successful future.

The guide includes actions that should be part of an organization’s next-term plan as the Great Lockdown eases. Gathered from hundreds of client interactions in organizations around the globe, these actions have been compiled to help executive teams focus on what to do now as we prepare to create a different normal together.


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