PM360 2020 Innovative Strategy Advance Outcomes from Lucid Group

Advance Outcomes

Lucid Group

Ify Onyeaso, Head of Business Growth, Lighthouse, part of the Lucid Group

Medical education programs traditionally focus on information delivery, but Lucid Group recognized that information alone rarely leads to behavior change. The group had an ambitious vision—to completely reform the industry’s approach to medical education, with a view to measurably affect HCPs’ clinical practice. The goal was to design and implement an evidence-based methodology for creating medical education interventions that change clinical behavior and outcomes. Thus, the Advance Outcomes methodology was born.

An internal Lucid Behavior Change Steering Group worked with health psychologists, behavior change experts, and educational assessment experts to distill market and customer insights and behavior change evidence to develop the five-step Advance Outcomes framework. To ensure consistent adoption of this new methodology, the team built a suite of proprietary practical tools.

These included a barrier identification tool that uses evidence-based techniques to provide a deep understanding of HCPs’ personal barriers to change. The team also designed a barriers-to-tactics app enabling program design and educational interventions using proven behavior-change techniques that are tailored to the specific identified barriers. Additionally, Lucid developed a metrics framework to enable measurement at every stage of the process—from identification of the right clinical care gap and target behavior, barriers identification, impact on HCP behavior, and impact on patient outcomes.

Advance Outcomes has transformed the way Lucid and its clients deliver medical education programs. In the first year alone, the company documented 24 new business pitches using Advance Outcomes with a 93% conversion rate, and implemented the behavior change methodology in 28 projects with 12 different clients. Advance Outcomes has demonstrated impact on HCPs’ clinical practice and, ultimately, impact on patient outcomes.


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