ELITE 2020 Transformational Leader Bret Glass of Bristol Myers Squibb

Bret Glass

Director, Hematology-Oncology, Value & Segment Marketing

Bristol Myers Squibb

A Steel Trap of Healthcare Economic Information

Healthcare economic information (HCEI) is an important subject for any organization. So, when you have a person take on the mantle of trying to improve the efficiency and quality of the HCEI materials that their organization produces, it takes a special kind of leader. It takes Bret Glass.

Bret has been an internal champion for the quality of HCEI across the spectrum at BMS. With his ability to cite the FDAMA 114 guidelines from memory, he can address any regulatory feedback with ease—making sure his group’s HCEI materials are the best they can be while remaining compliant. Not only was he the first marketer at BMS to spearhead an initiative to create FDAMA 114 brochures that can be left behind with customers, but he also took the initiative to standardize his insights across his teams in the form of an internal educational tool that documents regulatory HCEI feedback on materials. With this tool, new marketers are now able to onboard and create HCEI tools quickly and efficiently, and his team is well-equipped to produce high-quality pieces from the first submission. He also began an internal initiative that streamlined the creation of HCEI materials from data creation to presentation and tool deployment, allowing his team to get new HCEI data out to customers faster.

When faced with news of a corporate merger and knowing that many corporations have hesitancies around FDAMA 114 guidelines and the value of HCEI materials, he began developing the BMS HCEI information rollout SOP and best practices. This initiative would function as a FDAMA 114 educational series to level-set new hires, new team members, and other BMS stakeholders outside of the Value Marketing team with basic FDAMA 114 information to build their confidence in working with the information and, in turn, produce better materials.

It is through this diverse series of initiatives that Bret is changing how HCEI is handled at BMS.


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