PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Silver Advertising Agency of the Year Calcium

At Calcium, “brand nourishment” is delivered in the form of powerful insights and ideas in the areas of strategy, creative, science, technology, and tactical programming. The agency is guided by a passion for clarity and focus (in the strategic realm) and boldness and memorability (in the creative realm). Above all, Calcium seeks to heighten brand engagement and strengthen customer activation by creating compelling brand experiences that powerfully resonate with people’s lives and needs.

The agency made a bold move over the course of the last two years by streamlining its number of clients from 30 to 9, which resulted in 2017 being Calcium’s best year to date, with a 50% increase in revenue. The relatively small company of 90 employees is truly embodying their philosophy: “We don’t want to be the biggest agency—just the best.”

Calcium is extremely proud to win the Silver for Agency of the Year…for the 2nd year in a row!


  • Utilizing its unique tech and digital skill sets that include CRM, mobile app development, front-end and back-end web development, mobile device QA lab, and digital project management, Calcium became AOR for Orencia® from Bristol-Myers Squibb, a multi-billion-dollar biologic for rheumatoid arthritis.
  • The personalized agency also landed AOR for the launch of Keveyis® from Strongbridge Biopharma, the first FDA-approved agent for treatment of the rare disease primary periodic paralysis.
  • This year, Calcium launched a corporate intranet for collaboration across global offices of Boston Biomedical.
  • Calcium used its innovative approach to advertising, having its digital and technological expertise woven tightly into its very fabric to provide Genentech’s “Love Your Colon” colon cancer screening initiative with a unique, refreshed brand image and website.

Talent Development

  • Calcium holds Nourishment Sessions, in which employees gain new skills and insights in their own disciplines as well as other disciplines. The entire agency gathers on a bi-weekly basis (Splash! Meetings) to discuss a wide range of client, agency, and industry issues, with employees at all levels actively participating in the conversations.
  • Calcium goes the extra step and provides literal nourishment to our employees every day in the form of the free lunch. Calcium believes in a two-way street: As much as the employee helps the agency, the agency helps the employee.

Social Responsibility

  • Calcium has provided ongoing support for “The Great American Milk Drive,” an organization dedicated to providing critical nutritional support for Americans in need.
  • Calcium is a proud supporter, both financially and through promotional work, of the “Haven Kids Rock” program at the Mott Haven Academy Charter School in the South Bronx.


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