PM360 2019 Trailblazer Awards Ophthalmology/Optometry Brand Champion Joseph Ponzo

Joseph Ponzo, Senior Director of Marketing, Bausch + Lomb

Joseph Ponzo first broke into the eye care market two years ago, but in that time he has led all eight brands under his supervision to success, including both mature retina brands and new brands in the established anterior segment market.

As the commercial lead on three mature retina brands, Joe has made it his priority to understand retina specialists’ behaviors in order to develop promotional initiatives that strongly resonate with the community. One brand, approved in 2000 that is activated by a device, needed to raise its profile due to multiple competitors now being the first-line medications because of ease-of-use and efficacy. Joe made patients top of mind by implementing a series of symposia and other congress events to educate eye care professionals (ECPs) about the product’s ability to provide an option for patients who didn’t respond to other treatments. For a second retina brand, approved in 2006, Joe worked with top retina KOLs to initiate a sponsored publication and digital series focused on case-based discussion to help retina specialists identify the ideal patient types for the product. Through these efforts, Joe has reinvigorated all three mature retina brands, resulting in portfolio growth for the first time in years.

Joe is also responsible for the anterior segment anti-inflammatory portfolio, which launched its fourth product earlier this year. He spearheaded a brand campaign concept to position the product as a true evolution of the existing franchise. This concept and strategy quickly helped the brand to overcome false long-held perceptions among ECPs as compared to competitors. ECPs immediately embraced the new messages, leading to extraordinary growth in its five months since launch.


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