PM360 2019 Innovative Startup Pharmafusion


Jonathan Retano, CEO

Pharmafusion was founded in November of 2017 with the goal of “making pharma analytics as easy, intuitive, and powerful as using Amazon Prime for shopping.” The company’s Pharmafusion360° platform solves two key challenges: 1) it brings all the information together into a single platform and 2) it unifies that data to provide a 360° view of operations to ensure business decision-makers are fully informed.

The platform boasts more than 70 subject areas that are already modeled, pulling data from publicly available, internal datasets such as ERP, rebates, and G2N, as well as third-party datasets from vendors. Additionally, the platform can integrate any data a client supplies into its singular view. The platform is prebuilt for “plug and play” and can be implemented in days. And its interface is modeled after the familiar concept of a smart television menu, so users can just point and click on the subject area they want or do a Google-like search for such topics as G2N, rebates, market access, etc.

One feature offered on the platform is SpydeRxWeb, which monitors FDA approvals and NDC filings, as well as new launches, pricing, and soon, drug shortages. The SpydeRxWeb tool currently monitors more than 180,000 NDCs to protect and alert to any possible threats against a company’s products.

The platform is saving time and money by quickly providing a more holistic look at the interconnectivity of pharma operations across departments to provide better decisions. Current users estimate that the platform can save them up to a day per week by shortening the time needed to gather information. Even the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services recently thanked Pharmafusion for pointing out a number of discrepancies in their published data this year.

Learn more about the company’s approach to pharma analytics with this short video:


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