PM360 2019 Innovative Strategy Chronicon from Healthline Media


Healthline Media

Ingrid Eberly, VP Corporate Marketing & Events

Healthline Media, the #1 ranked online health media property in the U.S. with 86 million monthly readers, strategically partnered with Nitika Chopra, the popular health and wellness advocate who “thrives with psoriasis,” to create and co-produce Chronicon, an innovative initiative to listen, support, and create communities for nearly half the country living with some kind of chronic condition. This first of its kind day-long event brought together today’s most impactful health influencers specializing in chronic health conditions for an open forum to address a bold range of topics relating to physical, emotional, spiritual, and even sexual health.

At sessions throughout the day, influencers shared their personal stories and provided insights, advice, and recommendations on everything from guilt-free self-care; the stigma and complications of dating and finding love while living with a chronic condition; advocating for yourself with family, friends, and doctors; and the frustration minority communities have in finding doctors who will take the time to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

An estimated combined global audience of more than seven million is expected to have engaged with Chronicon’s thought-leaders and experts to find strength beyond their symptoms, and break the cycle of isolation that often accompanies feeling at odds with their bodies. The next phase is to bring these deeper understandings and learnings to healthcare marketers and pharma executives to help improve support resources, treatment, and health outcomes for the 40% of the U.S. population living with chronic health conditions. Healthline Media’s mission is to empower people to be their strongest and healthiest selves by being a trusted ally in their pursuit of health and well-being.


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