PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Persistence/Adherence Program Winner Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Atlantis Healthcare, and Pixel Light Digital Media

Inspire+ App (Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Atlantis Healthcare, Pixel Light Digital Media)

The Inspire+ app is a free tool designed to help people who are prescribed a Jazz Pharmaceuticals product follow their complex treatment plan, track symptoms, and assess progress.

The Atlantis Healthcare team knew an app that simply delivers reminders does not change behavior for the long-term. Leveraging health psychology-based research and behavior change techniques were critical to ensuring the content and features of the Inspire+ app addressed the specific barriers of the population, helping individuals manage their condition and treatment over time.

The app’s design and content were guided by research from Atlantis’ in-house team of health psychology specialists. The research provided insight into the treatment experience, potential adherence motivators/challenges, and perceived support needs. Knowing the patient-HCP relationship is key in improving adherence, the app also included components to facilitate meaningful dialogue at each visit.

Atlantis worked with Pixel Light Digital Media to ensure the app’s user interface and experience was simple and intuitive. Patient feedback was obtained at key points throughout the development to refine functionality, content, and design.

As of May 2018, new users were up 68%, and total users were up 45% from April 2018, while data showed that many continue to use the app for four months or more after install date. On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being most helpful, users rated the app 4.33. Qualitative user feedback has been tremendous, with one person saying:

“The Track section is my favorite. I always want to report back to my doctor about my progress or questions. I had so many questions at the beginning, and I would always forget to ask at my appointments. This section would have been a lifesaver while I was still in brain-fog mode.” 


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