PM360 2019 Innovative Product TrialScope Engage Embedded from TrialScope

TrialScope Engage™ Embedded


Jeff Kozloff, CEO

TrialScope is dedicated to improving clinical trial disclosure and transparency—and increasing access to clinical trials. Its latest innovation takes the already established TrialScope Engage™ platform to the next level, providing powerful online functionality for clinical trial sponsors of all sizes.

TrialScope Engage Embedded, launched in September 2019, is designed specifically for small to mid-sized sponsors with fewer trials, or larger sponsors that prefer to use their established corporate website. While TrialScope Engage enables sponsors to inform patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, and the public about clinical trials via dedicated websites, TrialScope Engage Embedded integrates a robust clinical trial search function into a sponsor’s existing website.

The embedded utility allows visitors to the sponsor’s corporate website to search through all of its trials currently available on It also populates key information in an easy-to-digest format using icons and an intuitive trial detail page layout designed with patients in mind. TrialScope Engage Embedded also includes a variety of calls-to-action, allowing interested visitors to search for local sites on an interactive map, share trial details via their social networks, and request more information by completing a form.

Additional enhancements to the TrialScope Engage platform, also launched in September 2019, are available to extend a sponsor’s reach even further. Enhancements include: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, health-contextualized ad placements, user behavioral analysis and voice-of-customer surveys, A/B testing, website and trial detail language translations, patient-level data-sharing mechanisms, and HCP portals.

Single-month statistics for the TrialScope Engage site of a top 20 pharmaceutical company show increases in new visitors (59.8%), returning visitors (169.3%), unique page views (97.7%), average session duration (29.1%), pages viewed per session (44.4%), and requests for trial information (131.1%).


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