PM360 2019 Innovative Product Smart Recommendations from MyHealthTeams

Smart Recommendations


Christian Pran, EVP Partnerships

Smart Recommendations from MyHealthTeams deliver personalized patient education in real-time based on the actual posts patients make in a MyHealthTeams’ social network. This approach is similar to what Amazon does right after you’ve put something in your cart—such as Band-Aids. You then see: “Customers who bought this item also bought… Neosporin, Children’s Tylenol, etc.” MyHealthTeams has adopted this technique to deliver tailored patient education.

For example, if one of the members from MyHealthTeams’ social network for multiple sclerosis, MyMSTeam, posts about her frustration with memory loss and concentration problems, Smart Recommendations will automatically surface relevant content that has proven popular among other members facing that challenge. The Smart Recommendation makes it easy for her to quickly find content that addresses her concern and take action. In this example, that content could be from the “MS & Cognition” Resource Center that MyHealthTeams created in partnership with Biogen after research among MyMSTeam members revealed that cognitive dysfunction is a top symptom impacting quality of life and often starts early in the disease’s progression.

Aided by natural language processing and machine learning principles, Smart Recommendations are possible because MyHealthTeams’ members share information, resources, and support every day—for eight years now. With millions of members, 85% of whom are diagnosed patients, across the company’s 34 growing social networks, MyHealthTeams can see both the challenges people living with a chronic condition face and the information that proves most useful to them—at a personal level and at scale.

This enables pharma partners to approach patient activation differently and truly empower diagnosed patients with timely and useful information. The engagement rates on Smart Recommendations exceed 10%, demonstrating how hungry patients are for directly relevant, objective information to help them manage their condition.


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