PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Hematology/Oncology Brand Champion Melanie Nicholson

Melanie Nicholson, Executive Director, Immuno-Oncology Global Product Strategy, Global Strategy and Corporate Development, Incyte Corporation

In recent years, the launch of innovative oncology products has redefined the treatment landscape for patients. Yet options remain limited for some patients, particularly those with rare types of cancer. As a collaborative commercial leader, Melanie Nicholson is focused on bringing novel oncology products and combination regimens to market to transform the lives of patients with underserved types of cancer.

As the Global Product Strategy Lead for the Immuno-Oncology pipeline, Melanie is preparing to launch a new product that will be a key building block for future combination regimens. Ensuring a strong brand foundation has been critical, especially in the highly competitive immunotherapy market. Melanie has excelled in building that foundation with her inspiring leadership and creative intuition. Her clear vision for the brand has served as the North Star for everyone involved in the launch, and her collaborative skills have helped ensure that vision is achieved.

As a passionate brand steward, she has effectively led her team through the strategic and creative process. Her dedication to bringing the brand to life and upholding its core values is second to none. Whether she is workshopping brand communication strategies with Incyte colleagues or working through the development of core assets with the agency, Melanie is focused on optimizing the brand’s development and maximizing communication impact. Her commitment to the brand and to patients motivates her partners at Incyte and beyond to achieve their best work at all levels of the process.

Her leadership role in furthering the launch of a brand that has the potential to transform the lives of underserved patients makes Melanie a true Brand Champion.


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