PM360 2019 Innovative Product TRINITY Forecasting Platform from TRINITY

TRINITY Forecasting Platform


Kevin Chithran, Principal  

Steve Fleming, Partner   

Forecasting is difficult work characterized by complex models, long turnaround times for updates, and considerable manual work to wrangle Excel versions into accurate yet usable reports. TRINITY surveys show that Excel is the preferred tool of almost every forecaster in the industry because of its flexibility. Many companies have tried to move away from Excel only to find their forecasters go back.

TRINITY’s new Forecasting Platform, launched in June 2019, is the first forecasting platform to significantly increase efficiency while allowing forecasters to work in Excel, the tool they know and love. The software offers a massive enhancement to Excel while giving organizations faster turnaround, connectivity, and collaboration. The result allows forecasters to focus on the high-value work they love with less time stuck in repetitive minutiae.

The software’s web app allows forecasters to collaborate, create versions, restore to past versions, conduct sensitivity analyses, check for errors in inputs or consolidate outputs, create reports, etc. The forecaster can pull it all into Excel for easy use and continue to do anything they could do before. They can even push it directly into PowerPoint if preferred. Everything is transparent. There are no black boxes. Connectivity to larger datasets can also be automated if required.

Use of the TRINITY Forecasting Platform streamlines forecasting from start to finish. For example, TRINITY recently polled forecasters asking them how long it would take them to add a new competitor and a market event to a complex model and push it through to many different scenarios/versions. The average answer from experienced forecasters: Three days of work. TRINITY’s new platform accomplishes the same tasks in five minutes.


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