PM360 2018 Innovative Strategy Resource Centers from MyHealthTeams

Resource Centers


Eric Peacock, Co-Founder and CEO

Knowledge gaps prevent patients from getting the treatment they need to best manage their chronic condition—or even getting an accurate diagnosis. With its 29 condition-specific social networks, MyHealthTeams has a unique view into these gaps.

Data analysis from millions of aggregated, anonymized peer-to-peer conversations that happen on its networks—as well as specific research into the real-world patient experience—provides the company with valuable insight into unmet patient needs. Now, MyHealthTeams is working with its biopharma partners to create innovative patient education programs to close these gaps. The resulting “Resource Centers” are tightly integrated into the context of MyHealthTeams’ social networks.

One example: The “MS & Cognition Resource Center,” which lives on MyMSTeam and was developed in collaboration with Biogen. A study among registered members of MyMSTeam identified “cognitive problems” as one of the top five symptoms affecting day-to-day life for people living with MS. Follow-on research revealed that 49% of those surveyed started experiencing cognitive dysfunction before they were diagnosed with MS. Because the connection between symptoms impacting memory, concentration, multitasking, and MS is not well understood, treatment was often delayed.

MyHealthTeams worked closely with Biogen to create patient education content including: An introduction explaining how MS can impact cognitive functioning; practical steps that may help with brain health; lifehacks for managing day-to-day cognitive challenges; and a discussion guide to help facilitate conversation with doctors. After just a few weeks, tens of thousands of people had already accessed the content, and feedback from the MyMSTeam community has been extremely positive.

Since the launch of the Cognition Resource Center on MyMSTeam, MyHealthTeams has launched and continues developing Resource Centers in conditions including spondyloarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s and colitis, eczema, and others.


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