PM360 2018 Innovative Strategy SHIFT from Fingerpaint



Nick Bartolomeo, Digital Strategy, Media and Analytics

A recent survey by Forrester Research asked marketers how important they felt data-driven marketing was to their business. Seventy percent found it to be very important, but only 17% felt their agency was equipped to handle it.

Fingerpaint’s solution: An innovative platform called SHIFT ( Realizing that there had to be a smarter way for a myriad of data to inform not only at a macro-level but at the micro-level, Fingerpaint focused in on these “micro-moments” when patients are considering a new therapy, physician, or drug. These are critical inception points for a brand to motivate behavioral change.

By fusing rich datasets together, a 360° profile can be created for each individual target and stored in a cloud-based data warehouse. From there, complex business rules can be developed to set a foundation for personalizing communications at the micro-level or, in other words, at the individual level. When individualized communications are delivered through a marketing automation platform, it allows for relevant content to be communicated at the right time, moving customers along the continuum of brand adoption. Relevance and timeliness are big factors that can influence behavior, and SHIFT was built to deliver this.

Over the past two years, Fingerpaint has seen how data-driven marketing drives brand performance. For example, the agency has seen as high as 50% open rates with triggered emails. In one large omnichannel campaign in which SHIFT was deployed, Fingerpaint saw a 328% lift in TRx. In a very recent case, a pharmaceutical brand for a rare disease internalized the sales force and relied on SHIFT to handle all promotion. This SHIFT campaign resulted in 64% of all patient referrals, with more than 25% of referrals coming from whitespace.


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