PM360 2018 Innovative Startup Biosight Technology

Biosight Technology

William Weishuhn, Founder, CTO

William Weishuhn, Founder, CTO

Founded in 2018, Biosight is on a mission to be the world’s leading producer of machine learning enabled medical devices. At its core, Biosight is a collection of people holding some of the most innovative and useful algorithms on the planet—with far-reaching implications. The company’s software can reliably diagnose certain types of cancer just as accurately as a medical professional and can easily be expanded to encompass various other ailments. In addition to just diagnosing cancer, the software can also predict—with a high degree of accuracy—the outcome of the patient to better prescribe treatment.

Biosight wants the first products that are built with this revolutionary breakthrough in AI to impact medical diagnostics in such a way that it can save as many lives as possible. Since this breakthrough affects more than just the medical field, the company is also considering licensing this technology to help improve the way that humans make plans and how much data it is possible to gain insight from in a short period of time.

Biosight’s corporate culture is one of innovation. The company’s team consists of people who are extremely passionate about changing the world and making a difference for the better, which is why they have focused on developing healthcare applications for their AI technology. Together, they envision a future in which the skill and training of the physician does not determine the quality of the diagnosis. And where the idea of traveling around the world for a specialist is antiquated and unnecessary—no matter how rare the affliction.


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