PM360 2018 Innovative Startup Dynamic Brain Lab

Dynamic Brain Lab

Stefano Valenzi, PhD, Chief Science Officer

Dynamic Brain Labs developed a new way to assess tissue light absorption data, which lead to the creation of a product that can revolutionize how diabetics monitor their blood glucose levels. GlucoScanner is a non-invasive device and works via optical technology and signal processing methods. It does not require the penetration of tissue or continuous finger pricking—avoiding arm patches and additional costs for disposable products. Instead, the device combines light absorption information with other physiological data and individual physical features in order to get a reading on an individual’s blood glucose levels.

The technology is mounted around a finger clip and offers a very similar experience to other optical devices such as a pulse oximeter. The user just places a finger in and then the blood glucose levels are sent to an app, which will store the data and other stats. The app will also offer other functions such as helping to manage food intake and tips on improving working out routines, since proper glucose management is the key for a healthier life.

Dynamic Brain Labs has already performed two experiments with the general public, inviting more than 100 subjects in the Tokyo area. The first experiment took place in June 2017 with a third-generation prototype, tested in the range of ~80mg up to 530mg/dL. So far, preliminary GlucoScanner evaluation of blood glucose levels has shown better accuracy than any other non-invasive optical devices. In February 2018, the company completed a miniaturization process of the device to make it more consumer friendly. The next step is to test the new device in a study at a Japanese hospital and then obtain the necessary medical certifications in order to launch it into the market.


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