PM360 2019 Innovative Product Unlimited from Rx EDGE Media Network


Rx EDGE Media Network

Kathleen Bonetti, Executive Vice President of Marketing

People consume information about pharma brands through a myriad of locations and digital devices. Investing all promotional dollars in a single promotional outlet can be a gamble and cause brands to miss reaching entire market segments. So Rx EDGE Media Network created Unlimited with the goal of building a solution broad enough to reach a large number of prospective patients, but agile enough to hyper-target those that met a client’s detailed criteria.

Unlimited connects with patients at high visibility and high frequency moments at the pharmacy and across all their devices, to reach them throughout their healthcare paths and daily lives. It is the only media solution on the market offering the combined power of Rx EDGE’s Media Display shelf device with a unique Addressable Digital component.

The Unlimited program pulls from Rx EDGE’s targeting component, which encompasses purchase data from their network of more than 23,000 pharmacies, insights from more than three billion medical and Rx claims, and additional information gathered from other third-party resources. And Rx EDGE program results are measured using a rigorous matched panel test vs. control experimental design methodology, considered the Gold Standard in marketing measurement for its validated statistical design and level of accuracy.

Two programs were launched in 2019: One in the Migraine category and the other in Women’s Health. According to analyses conducted by third-party research provider Retail Intelligence Inc., the Unlimited platform generated incremental increases in volume of +24% and +32% for brands in the Migraine and Women’s Health categories. Rx EDGE Unlimited is creating an educational instrument for pharmaceutical marketers to use in helping patients access drug-related information that is most relevant to their health needs.


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