PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Direct-to-Consumer Campaign Gold Winner Amgen and Arnold Worldwide

Enbrel (Amgen, Arnold Worldwide)

Amgen based an innovative campaign for Enbrel directly on consumer insights. Patients noted that joint pain from either Rheumatoid (RA) or Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) was more severe during early mornings due to inactivity and sleeping all night, and during cold or wet weather events due to swelling.

Working with Arnold Worldwide, Amgen developed an innovative campaign that specifically addressed how patients feel at those exact moments, due to those external factors. The team sought to test dynamic creative with the target audience to better understand how messages resonated with consumers in the moment. They then compared the results with normal ad campaigns.

The key differentiator for this campaign was utilizing dynamic ad serving technology that allows patients to be served timely and relevant banners and social posts, based on either time of day or the weather in a particular geographical location.

This unique messaging has not been used by any other brands in the category and helps personalize the experience for Enbrel’s target patients.

Overall, the campaign is outperforming benchmarks and showing higher engagement than standard banners. Measured via Crossix, Amgen has received a targeting multiple of 1.5x (versus industry benchmark of 1.3x) from the campaign, which confirms success at a higher percentage of the intended audience. For the Time-of-Day creative, Enbrel gained 2x higher engagement in click-through rates compared to standard banners.


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