PM360 2018 Innovative Company Digitas Health

Digitas Health

Brendan Gallagher, EVP, Connected Health Innovations

Digitas Health (DH) saw the need to help pharmaceutical brands transition to a world in which content is outpacing advertising ROI by a large factor. So, in 2018 they worked to fuse cross-company capabilities in order to make Agile and Intelligent Content a pharmaceutical brand-building reality.

One of the fundamental challenges in any industry (and particularly in pharma) is the gap between the experience customers expect and the actual experience they have with a brand. But agile and intelligent content is shrinking that gap. That is because pharma brands have a unique opportunity to help people express themselves with content, and connect to other people who are achieving healthy outcomes that help them understand how to achieve their own. As a result, people are able to improve the course of their care.

While DH has been pursuing more productive use of content at scale for some time, this was the year that they helped clients make that shift at the core of their marketing. The company began real-world implementation (at scale) in the first quarter of this year and has been optimizing the components based on performance data steadily ever since. The results have been impressive.

Early on, social content led to a 20% decrease in site bounce rate, and a 76:1 CRM signup edge over all branded digital efforts. While that seemed like an amazing start, DH was able to improve upon it by deploying it in a new category. From kickoff to launch nine weeks later, the company engineered a content marketing campaign in Facebook that hit the 12-week qualified leads goal in four weeks. What’s more, those leads cost 3.8 times less than SEM—and 14 times less than display.


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