PM360 2018 Innovative Company Enable Injections

Enable Injections

Jennifer King, Marketing Manager

This year, Enable Injections transformed from an innovative device company into a combination products company, issuing in the convergence of large-volume biologic drugs and their delivery into a single combination product. Two major factors drove Enable Injections’ conversion.

First was the rising demand for a patient-focused, subcutaneous route of administration for large-volume, viscous drugs that could replace costly intravenous (IV) administration and still meet efficacy and safety standards. There was also great unmet need for more advanced combination products that could deliver doses as high as 50 mL. The problem for biopharma companies is that they cannot simply pair their products with off-the-shelf delivery devices for dispensing biologics, which are the majority of drugs in development today. Pharmaceutical companies need to partner with a company that can design combination products customized to the volume, viscosity, and flow rate of each of their therapeutics.

Second was the growing realization across the biopharma industry that the drugs and devices comprising these combination products are inseparable—that there is little value in one without the other. That is because IV administration is not only costly but is also unpopular with a large segment of patients, whose lack of adherence is already a chronic issue. It is inconvenient. It can be painful. And it is not a promising path for drug companies racing to improve outcomes and be recognized as “patient centric.”

Enable Injections’ combination products offer patients the anywhere, anytime convenience inherent in subcutaneous self-administration. Meanwhile, for the healthcare system, the products heighten cost efficiency by reducing reliance on expensive health facilities, shifting treatment to the home. And for the pharmaceutical industry, they speed development time significantly and can help improve adherence.


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