PM360 2020 Innovative Company Sight Diagnostics

Sight Diagnostics

Ron Melts, U.S. General Manager

Sight has established itself as a leader in the blood diagnostics space with the commercial expansion of Sight OLO®, an FDA 510(k) cleared AI-based blood diagnostics analyzer that offers lab-quality Complete Blood Count (CBC) tests from finger-prick and venous samples. Using a patented method of “digitizing” blood samples, the analyzer automates the identification and counting of blood cell types and anomalies. With only two drops of blood, Sight OLO allows patients to receive blood test results within minutes.

Considering that Sight OLO is the size of a toaster oven and the test kit cartridge is the size of a credit card, healthcare providers now have access to a compact blood diagnostics analyzer that can be used in moderately complex facilities across the United States. Not only is this innovation transforming blood diagnostics in traditional hospital settings, but it also opens up the possibility of enabling decentralized CBC testing to inform fast treatment decisions in the communities.

Sight is already being recognized by major institutions for its world-class technology. Recently, Oxford Hospital deployed Sight OLO for CBC testing to support quick COVID triage at the entrance of its emergency department. With help from Sight, Oxford will be able to identify patients at the highest risk within minutes and minimize unnecessary infection.

In addition, Sight’s partnership with Israel’s Sheba Tel Hashomer and Shaare Zedek Medical Center is helping the hospitals analyze the blood of COVID-positive patients to identify abnormalities or changes in key biomarkers in their blood. This research aims to inform early warnings of case severity, customizable treatments, and care pathways for patients across the world.


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