ELITE 2022 Transformational Leader John Fitzpatrick of PRECISIONeffect

John Fitzpatrick

SVP, Omnichannel Engagement


Inspirational Leadership Equals Global Growth

Since 2012, when joining PRECISIONeffect, John Fitzpatrick’s mission has been to expand the company influence and footprint. Initially hired in an account role, John’s quiet competence, financial acumen, attention to detail, and ease with clients and staff made him a quick star within a rapidly growing agency.

John transformed clients’ feelings about digital marketing from hesitance into a full-on embrace. In 2014, he took over leadership of the East Coast office’s small digital team as Director of Interactive. At the time, approximately 20% of the agency’s clients used digital services. Today, virtually all clients rely on PRECISIONeffect’s innovative digital services. In recognition of his efforts, John was promoted to Vice President, Interactive in 2016.

Soon after, the agency acquired a London-based healthcare agency with a reputation for cutting-edge digital work. John assumed the role of General Manager. Through his leadership, the office quickly adapted PRECISIONeffect’s value-based culture. Office revenue grew 40% in John’s first year, 25% during 2020, and an additional 10% in 2021.

His efforts earned John a new title: SVP, Omnichannel Engagement. He oversees PRECISIONeffect’s digital strategists, UX, and analytics teams, and is responsible for integrating omnichannel thinking throughout the agency. He is leading the agency into a bright future.

“A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be,” says Liz Spencer, PRECISIONeffect’s Creative Director. “John had a vision and delivered on it by gaining trust and confidence from everyone. It transformed the way we work for the better.”

Carolyn Morgan, President of PRECISIONeffect, adds, “His accomplishments are many. He achieved them all while being kind, thoughtful, determined, driven, and a complete joy to work with.”

Pam Caputo, Associate Vice President, Media & Engagement, agrees. She says, “A boss has a title, but a leader has the people, and I’d follow John anywhere.”


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