ELITE 2022 Transformational Leader Heather Greenspan of Pharming Healthcare Inc.

Heather Greenspan

Senior Vice President, U.S. Marketing

Pharming Healthcare Inc.

Pioneering Social Engagement Strategies

Successful pharma marketing really needs people who can build effective teams. Heather Greenspan is such a team builder. She has been at Pharming for close to five years and onboarded important talent, such as Don Abramo (Sr. Director of Marketing) and Caitlin Wagner (Associate Director Marketing), both of whom have received industry-wide awards and accolades, plus Paul Wilcox (Marketing Director Ruconest), Damian Clarke-Bruce (Executive Director of Marketing), Florence Maounis (Director of Marketing), and Azzah Bandukda (Marketing Communications Manager).

Within her team, Heather’s main responsibility has been to build the patient and HCP marketing sides. Understanding that HCPs fundamentally share her passion for serving patients, Heather successfully advocated to connect the patient and HCP marketing worlds. Through her leadership, her team has been able to continuously innovate the Ruconest (C1-esterase inhibitor [recombinant]) brand by implementing groundbreaking tactics that have been successful in engaging the HAE community.

Among those tactics is the award-winning Ruconest digital patient engagement strategy that includes the HAE & Me app, and the Ruconest social media channels. Uncommon in pharma, the social channels allow for true two-way dialog between patients and the company. The app doesn’t discriminate by treatment status, and the social channels pioneered tactics for the entire industry, such as patient account takeovers. One of the main ways these innovations could happen was through constant consultation with patients.

To be a pharma marketer in 2022 means to meet patients and HCPs wherever they are. Heather and her team do exactly that by providing virtual and live programs, email, text customer relationship marketing (CRM) streams, three social media platforms, tailored phone support programs, patient and HCP advisory boards and panels, advocacy relations, and a dedicated mobile app. All to provide thoughtful and diverse patient and HCP engagement programs.


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