ELITE 2022 Disrupter Jeff Spanbauer of Relevate Health

Jeff Spanbauer

CEO and Co-Founder

Relevate Health

Making Healthcare Locally Relevant

Jeff Spanbauer’s end-to-end success, at two of the world’s leading companies—Procter & Gamble and Pfizer—served as both the inspiration and the scaffolding upon which he built Relevate Health.

At P&G, both segmentation and national advertising drove CPG success. While in marketing at Pfizer, Jeff partnered with the field force and saw that product performance varied significantly zip code to zip code. That observation, coupled with past brand success in segmenting national advertising, served as the impetus for co-founding a healthcare marketing company focused on improving pharma clients’ national performance through local relevance.

Jeff saw precise targeting as “the way” for brands to cut through marketing clutter and rise to “top of mind” for HCPs. Armed with locally specific data and insights, HCPs could more effectively treat their patients, making communities healthier. Clients would see healthcare providers become healthcare prescribers, building national market share with staying power—thanks to roots in local market data.

In 2007, Jeff transformed this approach into a patented process when he co-founded Relevate Health. Then Jeff took this vision a step further by making the approach digital, omnichannel, and easily customizable by market, providing clients with local relevance at national scale. Under his leadership, Relevate Health has grown from startup to an award-winning digital-first marketing company with over 200 colleagues who serve more than 185 of the top pharma, medical device, biotech, and healthcare clients.

But Jeff has an ongoing passion to grow Relevate Health and expand its capabilities to better serve clients and create healthier communities. Backed by Mountaingate Capital, Relevate Health added to its data and machine learning capabilities in 2020 by acquiring New Jersey-based Arteric. In 2021, Relevate Health acquired Boston-based Axon Communications and their digital education tools that engage HCPs, connect patients with like disease-states, and enhance the reach of reps. And in 2022, Relevate Health acquired ConneXion360 and their national HCP engagement solutions and HCP recruitment network. These additions to Relevate Health provide unmatched capabilities in the market, deepening their ability to deliver locally for clients while their brands succeed nationally.


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