ELITE 2022 Mentor Ingrid Dahlin of CrowdPharm

Ingrid Dahlin

Managing Director, Account Services


A Mentor, Role Model, and Friend

There are mentors who act as advisors, set goals, and provide training. Then, there are mentors who motivate, inspire, and model excellence. These are individuals who don’t always have all the answers but will take you on an adventure to find them because they value learning. They cultivate and nurture relationships, and truly care about the well-being of others. These mentors lead their company forward and transform the way teams work.

Ingrid Dahlin is one such mentor. She is an expert in her field and is sought out by her peers at CrowdPharm for her insights and knowledge. She builds lasting relationships, and it’s not surprising that these individuals stay connected and want to continue to work with her. As CrowdPharm’s first employee, Ingrid has been guiding the engagement of the company’s talented members to yield the best possible results for its team and clients since day one.

Over the last two years, Ingrid has identified numerous new business opportunities and single-handedly recruited many key members of the agency’s team, doubling the employee count. To lead her growing team, Ingrid relies on positive reinforcement. The consummate problem solver, she moves forward despite obstacles while consistently redrawing traditional “swim lanes” to foster unique and collaborative work dynamics.

In the same way that she is a solid leader in working with CrowdPharm teams, Ingrid forges true partnerships with clients by always focusing on their best interests. She has a deep respect for others’ disciplines and places great value on their fresh perspectives. She keeps her eyes trained on the big picture as well as the smallest details, asks smart questions, and—thanks to her vast experience—sees the potential challenges that need solutions. Her team, as well as clients, count on her leadership, guidance, and advice.

Her success stems from her balance of pragmatism and optimism—acknowledging the realities, yet always looking for creative ways to challenge the status quo. As colleagues says, “Ingrid is truly a one-of-a-kind talent and is just an overall awesome human being. She is exactly the mentor we all dream of—and luckily for us, she’s at CrowdPharm.”


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