ELITE 2020 Transformational Leader Steve Silvestro of OptimizeRx

Steve Silvestro

Chief Commercial Officer


Innovating for Life Sciences within the EHR

“From concept, implementation, through execution, Steve Silvestro’s ability to foster organizational transformation is truly unrivaled,” says Eze K. Abosi, VP Sales, OptimizeRx. “He has transformed organizations regardless of whether he is leading a business dedicated to data, analytics of services, digital media, EHR strategy, or a SaaS-based solution suite—his ability to positively impact the business and lead a company through change remains unrivaled.”

That remains true in his first year with OptimizeRx, where Steve has pivoted teams to adapt a “molecule to market” mentality that has added a dynamic touch to the company’s commercial point of care communication platform. While most pharma marketers tend to think in specific tactics within digital marketing or EHR, Steve’s approach is to start by mapping out a patient’s journey, understanding where the challenging points are in that journey, and where patients are being lost. This has led the company to provide better communication opportunities throughout the patient journey—whether in the clinical setting or beyond. Similarly, on the provider side he has renewed excitement in the EHR channel with programs that provide more relevant and helpful information within the workflow.

Under Steve’s direction, OptimizeRx has seen several positive outcomes result from the use of their platform, including patients extending the number of days on therapy and more patients being able to afford and adhere to the medicine they need. Clients are also telling OptimizeRx they are losing fewer patients and seeing the compounding impact of clinical awareness with the rest of the tactics they are employing resulting in improved reach.

Steve has also taken a broader brand approach and created deeper strategic partnerships to leverage the OptimizeRx platform—leading partners through their lifetime with the company, which has resulted in closing new enterprise-level deals.

“Steve is an ideal partner,” says a Pharma Marketing Director. “He brings a solution-oriented mindset to our business challenges and pushes me to think outside the box and consider innovative solutions that align to our brand’s critical success factors. I trust his insights on the marketplace and always feel confident that he has my brand’s best interests at heart.”


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