ELITE 2020 Transformational Leader Timothy R. Wright of MiMedx Group Inc.

Timothy R. Wright

Chief Executive Officer

MiMedx Group Inc.

The Culture and Community Builder

Timothy R. Wright has dedicated his career to transforming companies that significantly impact people’s health outcomes and quality of life. He is especially regarded for his work in successful build-outs and turnarounds, including his participation in the formation of DuPont-Merck Pharma, where he rose from Product Manager to Senior Vice President, Strategy, and his tenure as President, Global Operations at Elan Biopharmaceuticals during a transformational period, which was described as “the turnaround story of turnaround stories” by The Financial Times. He also led the introduction of Covidien Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical Products and Imaging Solutions, which required renewed focus and vision.

During his tenure as President and CEO of Covidien Mallinckrodt, Tim engaged the health professional, policy, and patient ecosystem in discussion around the urgent need to reinvest in state-of-the-art production facilities, expand research and development funding, and to revisit the pricing model for diagnostic isotopes, used to detect serious illness. Transparent discussion around risk and sustainability with customer stakeholders in the diagnostic category won overwhelming health-sector support and enabled radiologists to maintain access to this important diagnostic platform.

Assuming the position of chief executive of MiMedx in 2019, Tim embraced the challenge to transform a company culture that was distracted by old controversies that stood in the path of the company’s patient-care mission. Tim is also preparing the company for relisting on Nasdaq. He assembled an effective leadership team that embodies business ethics, transparency, and purpose. And he also implemented regular communication with partners and customers, including employee Town Halls and internal outreach, to advance transparency and reinforce the company’s mission. These patient-centered efforts are uniting the company and are especially important in the COVID-19 environment.

With the right team and organizational structure in place, Tim is also leading efforts to elevate clinical and regulatory parameters for the regenerative biologics/wound care category. His team is working closely with the FDA to meet the guidelines for their updated comprehensive tissue products policy framework. Within less than a year at MiMedx, employees report marked improvement in transparency, ethical leadership, and renewed excitement for being part of a company making an impact on people receiving their technologies.


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