ELITE 2020 Transformational Leader Alina Nevradakis of Amgen

Alina Nevradakis

Senior Manager


Managing a Brand in Transition

Nothing changes if nothing changes—this simple statement captures the attitude of the Otezla marketing team in 2019. Between enduring months of waiting during the acquisition of Celgene by Bristol Myers Squibb, the uncertainty of the FTC requiring the divestiture of the Otezla brand as part of the sale, and the transition of the brand from Celgene to Amgen, the team needed a powerful leader to take an otherwise ambiguous time and turn it into an opportunity to excel. This could only be accomplished with a fearless presence guiding the way. Cue Alina Nevradakis.

Harnessing the power of this solution-minded team in transition, Alina orchestrated and operationalized each opportunity in psoriatic arthritis to ensure continued growth in the rheumatology sphere. She maintained the team’s focus in executing the brand strategy with no disruption to Otezla’s leadership performance in new-to-brand market share—all while developing and executing a flawless launch for the new indication in oral ulcers associated with Behçet’s Disease.

Alina also managed to focus attention on what truly matters: The patient. By proactively building and expanding partnerships with key opinion leaders in rheumatology, she acted on new opportunities and business needs before they were on anyone else’s radar. Using this knowledge, Alina broadened the education of Behçet’s Disease in patients everywhere—ensuring appropriate care, generating disease awareness, and engaging participation in advocacy group programs.

“When asked for 100%, Alina gives 110%,” says Timothy O’Grady, SVP, Director of Client Services, Havas Village X. “She is a testament to what it means to lead by example, effectively transitioning the rheumatology team from one parent company to another—all while maintaining excellence for the brand. Every day, she encourages innovation and amplifies commitment to patients with psoriatic arthritis and Behçet’s Disease. Alina truly embodies what it means to be a transformational leader.”


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