ELITE 2020 Transformational Leader Amy Muse of Takeda Oncology

Amy Muse

U.S. Oncology Franchise Head – Lung Cancer

Takeda Oncology

Elevating Her Company and Teams

Throughout her career, Amy Muse has proven to be an inspiring leader, showing extreme passion for her brands and her team. As the U.S. Oncology Franchise Head – Lung Cancer, Amy’s role has required her to change the status quo—a characteristic her coworkers have frequently picked up on working alongside her. When she stepped into her leadership role at Takeda Oncology in 2019, Amy was recognized for fostering a high-performing team in advance of two critical launches, introducing norms that established unity and promoted rigor to drive success—these norms are now being implemented across other oncology business units.

When her team was faced with a time-sensitive challenge, Amy saw an opportunity to improve upon existing processes. Her proposal simplified procedures while addressing the issue at hand, ultimately resulting in a significant cost and time savings to the company. “Amy has infused some great new ideas that are changing some of the assumed norms,” said a member of Amy’s team.

Previously, Amy worked on a drug launch that was not seen as a priority product for her company. Amy refused to accept this—her diligence and unwavering dedication transformed the launch of the product, increased treatment options for patients, and contributed to the global launch exceeding expectations by a substantial margin. “Her ability to influence an organization that did not have this project as a high priority at the time, changed the product launch completely and added more value to the company than anyone ever expected,” said another coworker.

Through her efforts in revolutionizing the team dynamic and her diligent work ethic, it is without question that Amy has not only overcome obstacles, but also has been a major contributor to success of the teams and companies she has been a part of.


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