ELITE 2020 Transformational Leader Claire Loran of Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Claire Loran

Senior Manager, Marketing Operations

Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Solving Business Challenges

We have all faced challenging projects. The pressure. The time constraints. The chaos. The ability to thrive during this time and turn a challenge into a success is one of the defining characteristics of a transformational leader. It is one of the defining characteristics of Claire Loran.

Claire was faced with replacing a critical piece of technical infrastructure within a very tight time frame and within a mature business environment. Failure to complete this effort would have impacted the business and multiple brands, both financially and in meeting marketing goals.

Claire’s approach made all the difference between a win or a loss. Prior to B2D involvement, Claire had already set the stage for success by preparing all parties affected by the effort for the challenge and expectations. This level of preparation, communication, and expectation-setting was a recurring activity throughout the project. She ensured that resources within the business or those of external partners, were ready to participate at the level required, when required.

As the project commenced, Claire’s ability to manage, guide, and structure multiple groups to maintain forward momentum was critical. Given the scope and complexity of the implementation, her willingness to tailor project processes and focus resources to more effectively resolve issues was foundational to the positive outcome.

Internal to the business, the successful platform implementation resulted in a higher level of digital maturity and allowed brands to increase the sophistication of their marketing plans. External to the business, the accomplishment raised eyebrows and led to a number of speaking engagements focused on how to approach projects of this type within the pharma space.

But this is just what Claire does in all of her efforts. She brings an uncanny ability to foresee project roadblocks or other factors that may impact a positive trajectory and make changes within the project. At times, her solutions may seem unconventional, but retrospectively, they are part of a dynamic tool set that can be leveraged again and again.


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