ELITE 2020 Digital Crusader Ozgun Demir of Novartis Oncology

Ozgun Demir

Director, Digital Strategy

Novartis Oncology

The Streaming Marketer

Is broadcast TV a dying platform? Are streaming platforms taking over? What does this mean for marketing? These are questions that many marketers may be asking themselves. Ozgun Demir simply answers them by taking action, disrupting the way business has been done for years, and experimenting and measuring impact.

Oz currently oversees the entire Digital Strategy for the Solid Tumor franchise within Novartis’s Oncology business, including Breast and Lung Cancer Portfolios, a role that requires attention to big brands as well as brands that serve niche conditions with patient populations below 10,000. Therefore, as Novartis was looking to compete with big TV budgets by leveraging digital channels, Oz led the charge for brands to discover new strategies. Over the past year, Oz worked with top streaming companies to create alternate digital plans, which are targeted and measurable while also being wide-reaching.

For example, Oz proposed one brand introduce five new collaborators and 13 new program offerings—some of which would be new to the industry. Of course, any digital plan would also include other components, such as incremental social tactics, digital video platforms, associations with highly trusted lifestyle and wellness brands, and more. The ultimate goal with any plan Oz devises is to deliver results with innovative digital channels backed by data.

Oz has also done this successfully in social media, where he has pushed platform collaborators, such as Facebook and Twitter, to work harder for his brands and agency partners and deliver data-driven solutions to better serve patients and HCPs. Oz also helped to drive the set-up of several HACK sessions, in which the brand, digital, and Facebook teams meet for a full day to brainstorm more effective and impactful ways to message across the platform. One recent session resulted in a new creative library to leverage best practices from a variety of categories currently active on Facebook.

When it comes to digital, Oz consistently challenges the teams and collaborators he works with to think beyond what may seem doable, and instead identify opportunities to truly disrupt the category and deliver results.


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