ELITE 2020 Creative Director Angelina Sciolla of Benchworks

Angelina Sciolla

Executive Creative Director


Building a New AOR Model

At any moment you might hear Angelina Sciolla break into song around the agency. As one of the choral voices that accompanies the Philly Pops throughout their season, Angelina might sing a few bars of a show tune or movie score to ignite some creative inspiration and alleviate the stress of the day.

For nearly 20 years, Angelina has served as communicator, brand steward, and creative professional. She began her healthcare marketing career at Fox Chase Cancer Center in digital communications, supporting clinicians and researchers, including a Nobel Prize winner. From there she built a diverse skill set and, inevitably, a point of view on the future of life sciences marketing while working at agencies that included Digitas Health, CDM, and Ogilvy Health. And outside of agency life, Angelina serves as a marketing consultant for nonprofit arts organizations through the Arts and Business Council of Philadelphia.

Angelina joined Benchworks in 2018 to help build a smart, flexible AOR model that would prioritize value for clients—regardless of size or budget—by focusing on brand and business strategy as well as smart, strategically sound creative. Two years and eight launches later, she has assembled an entrepreneurial team that cultivates creativity beyond big ideas into experiences that deliver success for healthcare brands at any stage in their lifecycle.

Since joining Benchworks, Angelina has doubled the number of creative staff and developed a new, strategic creative brief for the agency. She also introduced tools for brand building that have contributed to significant organic growth over the last year. In 2019, Benchworks won its first industry creative accolade, an Rx Club nod for a launch brand in oncology. At the same time, Angelina led the agency through a rebranding, which launched in early 2020.

When new creatives join the agency, Angelina gives them a copy of The Runaway Species: How Human Creativity Remakes the World. The gift is a reminder that creativity is, at its root, a cognitive problem-solving tool with unlimited potential. Whether it’s advocating for more body-positive imagery in a patient campaign, identifying learning opportunities, or helping to drive business growth, Angelina is always looking to exceed expectations, inspire, and, occasionally, entertain.


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