ELITE 2023 Data Miner Elizabeth Fairley of Talking Medicines

Elizabeth Fairley

Chief Operating & Data Officer and Co-founder

Talking Medicines

Data-Driven Leadership for Better Outcomes

Elizabeth Fairley Co-founder and Chief Operating and Data Officer of Talking Medicines, leads the development and commercialization of patient-intelligence SaaS data platform, PatientMetRx. The AI platform uses data to provide actionable insights for agencies working with the pharmaceutical sector.

With an interest in the development of data-based predictive health to transform diagnoses, treatments, and management of care for individuals, Elizabeth is passionate about making a difference in patient outcomes. Her strengths include using data to highlight differences in ways patients speak about medicines and healthcare journeys, finding the true patient voice, and therefore, helping to decode patient language to extract a true picture of meaningful experiences.

As a leading voice in the industry, Elizabeth is often quoted by leading publications. She expertly discusses the role that data mining plays and how data can be used in a compliant, ethical manner. She has also been published in Pharma’s Almanac and led key research projects. She is a sought-after speaker about the value of social data to understand the patient experience. In addition, Elizabeth earned a fully funded place on FutureX’s Silicon Valley Accelerate program.

Within the agency, a key aspect of Elizabeth’s role is to understand the bias which is inherent in data. Through her leadership, Talking Medicines can identify patterns and trends relating to patients’ interactions with healthcare systems. Elizabeth also instituted the Quality and Data Privacy & Security Subcommittees, which deliver on innovation, inclusivity, trust, transparency, and partnership. She led her agency in its commitment to diversity, ensuring a greater female-to-male ratio. She’s also focused on developing young people, employing a team of more than 15 part-time annotators, all of whom are students.

In 2014, Elizabeth graduated as a Saltire Fellow after completing a world-class, eight-month entrepreneurial business leadership program (accelerated MBA) led by Babson College in Boston. She holds a PhD in Biology from the University of Cambridge and BSc (Hons) in Genetics from the University of Aberdeen. Outside of the office, Elizabeth has founded numerous enterprises, including her own life sciences consultancy.


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