ELITE 2020 Creative Director Tara Powers of Elevate

Tara Powers

VP, Creative Director


Inspirational Creative Mentor

Outstanding creative mind. Incredible mentor. Award-winning, much-heralded Art Director. One of the driving forces behind the rise of Elevate. Superb Creative Director skills spanning a 25-year career in healthcare advertising. These are the attributes that make Tara Powers an ELITE Creative Director.

Tara started as an Art Director at Dudnyk, but her art chops and interpersonal abilities made for a quick rise in the creative ranks. After a few years, Tara moved on, gaining valuable experience in two other regional creative agencies, HealthAnswers and Interlink, before being lured back to Dudnyk, where she would spend the next decade of her career and achieve her first role as a Creative Director. Tara then successfully ventured out on her own with an account service partner for three years. But when Elevate was founded in 2015, they knew Tara had the skills and talent to help them launch, and build, a different kind of agency.

“We brought Tara in to ‘elevate’ our thinking and creative on all kinds of projects—major strategic brand campaigns, key sales pieces, building digital experiences, or even everyday tactics,” says Barry Schmader, Chief Creative Officer, Elevate. “She is a tremendous asset and one of our most essential resources.”

Over the course of her career, Tara’s work has been recognized with multiple top creative awards. She continues to produce award-winning work at Elevate, including the Synera “Stop the Sting” campaign, DePuy Synthes “World of Plating” campaign, and the standout self-promotional “Welcome to the Jungle” campaign.

But more than a creative force, Tara has been a shining example and a direct mentor for all levels and genders of creatives, but particularly for women. Having overcome challenges as a woman creative executive in the world of pharma marketing, Tara has focused on helping other women creative leaders to successfully navigate their career journeys. And she is proud to see so many women have worked hard to overcome their own obstacles to become dominant forces in this industry.

“As a member of the Elevate Leadership Team, Tara’s impact is felt throughout the organization,” says Lorna Weir, Co-Founder, Elevate. “Her unwavering commitment to the agency and to our clients has been instrumental in Elevate’s success.”


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