ELITE 2021 COVID Hero Jim Weiss of Real Chemistry

Jim Weiss

Founder & CEO

Real Chemistry

Giving Is Growing

Despite the chaos of 2020, Jim Weiss saw the potential for great success amid great difficulty and challenges, while staying true to Real Chemistry’s purpose-driven mission to “make the world a healthier place.”

Because Jim fundamentally believes nothing is more important to individuals, families, and society overall than health, he first turned his attention to ensuring the company’s 1,500+ employees were well supported. He offered innovative programs to staff, such as coaching to help them prioritize their personal and mental health needs, free counseling and meditation, subsidized tutoring for parents whose children were navigating distance learning, and a first-of-its-kind Amazon Company Store with an allowance for staff to make purchases for home-office needs.

Jim and the Real Chemistry team also felt compelled to make a difference in the lives of those affected by the pandemic—committing an estimated $1.5 million in time and resources to a series of low/pro-bono initiatives. Real Chemistry’s signature COVID-19 initiative was the Ad Council’s $50 million vaccine confidence campaign, which boosted the willingness of HCPs (who are highly trusted by patients) to get the vaccine by 14%. The company also raised about $450,000 to buy 2.3 million protective masks for medical facilities, homeless organizations, and other underserved groups.

Real Chemistry also supported communications for the Black Coalition Against COVID-19, an organization of 40+ Black medical schools and associations working to build vaccine confidence among Black Americans. And the company partnered with the California Life Sciences Association to provide a real-time snapshot of COVID-19 media and social trends, used by large life sciences companies, universities, analytics companies, and public works organizations.

Jim is a trustee of The Commons Project, which created a COVID-19 risk-assessment and mapping platform. Real Chemistry supports the Common’s communication, strategy, and web-development efforts.

Finally, Real Chemistry supported 50 campaigns with almost every company working on the pandemic frontlines to develop treatments, diagnostics, and vaccines. In 2020, revenue climbed 62%, proving Jim’s belief that focusing on people and creating a healthier world for all leads to business success.


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