PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Sales Aid Winner AbbVie and Intouch Solutions

HER Interactive Sales Aid (AbbVie, Intouch Solutions)

To make a difference for patients, make it interesting for physicians. That was the approach AbbVie and agency partner Intouch took to engage with HCPs about endometriosis and encourage them to diagnose it sooner—which was sorely needed. Although it’s estimated to affect 1 in 10 women, endometriosis is notoriously difficult to diagnose. Its symptoms overlap with many other conditions, and currently, there are no laboratory tests that can help HCPs zero in on it quickly. As a result, many patients can live for years with serious, unresolved pain.

AbbVie and Intouch chose to appeal to HCPs’ intellect and empathy to inspire more aggressive action. The Veeva-powered HER (Her Endometriosis Reality) Interactive Sales Aid (ISA) used interactive storytelling to lay out the case for proactive endometriosis care. The story played out over a series of long-scrolling tiles, peppered with surprising statistics and engaging animations. Each tile was crafted to support the larger narrative, while also serving as a mini story within itself.

Visually, the ISA drew on the dramatic portraits and bold colors of the overarching HER disease awareness campaign, which AbbVie launched in 2017. And the content focused on three areas: 1) The etiology of endometriosis pain. 2) Her voice—how unresolved pain affects a patient’s daily life. 3) Solutions and tools—pain scales, diagnostic discussion guides, and more.

In addition to raising HCP awareness of unresolved endometriosis pain and its impact, the campaign has helped motivate HCPs to do more for their patients, with efforts resulting in an increase in HCPs asking their patients about endometriosis pain symptoms and an increase in HCPs asking their patients about the impact of their unresolved endometriosis pain.


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