PM360 2018 Innovative Product Veeva AR from PIXACORE and Veeva Systems

Veeva AR: Augmented Reality Within Veeva CRM

PIXACORE and Veeva Systems

Kevin Ungaretta, Marketing Program Manager

Although augmented reality (AR) in various forms has been around for many years, until recently, there were significant barriers to delivering these experiences. This year, Veeva and PIXACORE have partnered to develop the ability to deliver AR experiences as in integral part of the Veeva CRM iPad app. Pharma companies can now develop, approve, deliver, and track these AR models using the same Vault and CRM applications that they have been using for detailing.

While reps have been given images, graphs, animated charts, interactive HTML, and videos for the last 15 years, there have been very few advances in the way that they present information to HCPs. AR offers a completely new tool that pharma companies can use to attract and retain HCP engagement. For AR to be effective, the rep has to put the iPad into the hands of the HCP and allow them to explore the experience on their own. This simple action converts the HCP from a passive observer to an active participant and transforms the interaction from a didactic one to an experiential one.

For instance, one demo of the product featured a virtual eyeball that users could walk into in order to see the state of the eye with an abnormal growth of blood vessels. The user could then turn around in order to see out of the eye what someone with this disease actually sees.

Veeva AR was first demonstrated at the Veeva Summit in May 2018, and videos of the demonstration have generated more than 7,000 views. The product is scheduled to be released as part of the December 2018 Veeva CRM product release and will be available to all current Veeva CRM users at no additional cost.


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