2020 Pharma Choice Unbranded Bronze Winner Verywell


Personalized Guidance for Deeper Doctor Discussions: Treatment Exploration Guide

Last year, Verywell leveraged user insights to identify a white space: audiences wanted to have more productive doctor discussions but didn’t know how. We created a personalized tool to help them focus on their pain points and learn to better explain them so they can work together towards better care.

Contributing Team Members Include:

Jersey Babcock, Director of Ad Innovation
Hillary Bell, VP of Strategic Partnerships
Erin Conroy, Associate Director of Program Management
Caitlin Fulford, Senior Director of Account Strategy
Craig Haines, CRO
Andrew Huang, Developer
Lindsey Keen, Director of Ad Innovation
Leyla Shamayeva, Director of Editorial Solutions
Rob Stephen, VP of Marketing
Sabrina Szriftgiser, Senior Director of Marketing
Heather Tjeerdsma, Senior Developer
Lily Wong, Developer


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