2020 Pharma Choice Variety (Patient Education Campaign) Silver Winner Cognizant Interactive and AstraZeneca

Cognizant Interactive and AstraZeneca

FARXIGA DTC Interactive Gamification

How do you empower type 2 diabetes patients to think beyond A1C? Move beyond traditional banner ads. To support the launch of a new FARXIGA indication, these interactive banner experiences use gamification to highlight the link between type 2 diabetes and heart failure, encouraging patients to learn more about FARXIGA.

Cognizant Interactive Team:

Diane Knebels, Account Director
Kate Foley, Senior Account Manager
Bob Holloway, SVP/Director, Commercial Strategy and Innovation
Colleen Enuco, Associate Director, Strategy and Innovation
Mike Nolan, Associate Creative Director, Copy
Scott Meyers, Associate Creative Director, Copy
Erik Sonlin, Associate Creative Director, Art
Shannon Frost, Senior Art Director
Kelly Radvansky, Senior Art Director

AstraZeneca Team:

Julie Hebe, Consumer Marketing Director
Josh Warner, Consumer Marketing Manager


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