2019 Pharma Choice Consumer Website Bronze Winner W2O and Exact Sciences


Exact Sciences (formerly known as Genomic Health prior to the 2019 acquisition)

Put Chemo to the Test

Exact Sciences (formerly known as Genomic Health) and W2O created a branded digital campaign featuring real patients to raise awareness of the Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score® test and encourage women recently diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer to ask their doctor to order the test before finalizing their treatment plan.

Agency Team:

Adam Cossman, Chief Digital Officer, W2O and President, W2Osentient
Carolyn Gargano, Sr. Group Director, Creative
Ben Neill, Art Supervisor
Boris Undorf, Group Director, Content Production
Natasha La Trenta, Group Director, Media Activation
Joey Fleury, Group Director
Katelyn O’Reilly, Senior Account Director

Client Team:

Laura Leber, Chief Communications Officer
Viola Ng, Sr. Director, Digital Communications
Emily Faucette, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations
Jason Siu, Manager, Digital Marketing Communications


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