PM360 2019 Innovative Division Marketing Operations Tracking System of Health & Wellness Partners, LLC

Marketing Operations Tracking System

Health & Wellness Partners, LLC

John Hegarty, Director Marketing Operations  

The world of life sciences communications involves tight deadlines, last-minute modifications, and a robust review process to ensure regulatory compliance of a multitude of pieces. Tracking the status of each piece through the process is imperative to success and although many clients utilize an internal system, most agencies have not—but Health & Wellness Partners, LLC (HWP) saw the need to do just that.

As a result, HWP developed proprietary software called Marketing Operations Tracking System (MOTS). Launched in January 2019, MOTS streamlines and standardizes the submission processes between HWP’s Marketing Operations, Scientific, Editorial, and Program Management functions as well as any client system (MOTS is system agnostic so it is compatible with any type of management system).

MOTS clearly outlines submission criteria and placeholder requests, reduces the time it takes to request codes and submit pieces, and provides an additional layer of quality control. The status of client pieces are in one secure location, which makes the tracking process easy. User friendly and simple to navigate, MOTS can be amended to add new clients, products, and submission parameters as needed. And HWP team members with secure access can search for pieces by code and send annotated documents and attachments. By being the bridge between HWP and each client’s system, MOTS has enhanced communication and reduced internal emails between HWP team members.

Overall, MOTS has made submissions more efficient by improving total submission time as measured in full-time equivalent (FTE) days. For example, work on Client A yielded improvement from 40.91 days to 30.42 days while for Client B it improved from 32.29 days to 20.03 days. And, that improvement was achieved while managing a higher volume of pieces.


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