2021 Pharma Choice Multichannel Bronze Winner imre Health, Amgen, and AstraZeneca

imre Health, Amgen, and AstraZeneca

“Who is TSLP?” Severe Asthma HCP Market-Shaping Campaign

To educate asthma specialists on the role of TSLP in severe asthma inflammation, imre Health built a robust website custom-designed to accommodate the different ways in which HCPs learn. Drivers to the website across social media, rich banner ads, and CRM incorporated interactive units to drive engagement and information retention.

imre Health Team Members:

Kristi Volke, Vice President
Gina Turdo-Orner, Director
Erin Tydings, Creative Director
Jake Troxell, Senior Art Director
Claire Smith, Copywriter
Addison Schiavi, Designer
Kierra Byrd, Designer

Amgen Team Members:

Kate Tansey Chevlen, Executive Director, Respiratory Marketing & Sales
Anneliese Rosenberg, Marketing Director

AstraZeneca Team Members:

Liz Bodin, Executive Director of Marketing, U.S. Respiratory & Immunology
Caty Smith, Senior Director of Marketing
Rob Boyea, Marketing Director
Greg D’Antonio, Associate Director of Marketing
Elizabeth Bell, Associate Director of Marketing
Matt Hamscher, Associate Director of Marketing


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