2019 Pharma Choice Professional Website Bronze Winner Ogilvy Health and Bayer

Ogilvy Health


The TRKtopus Microsite – TRKCancer.com

The core creative idea behind The TRKtopus uses a dramatic metaphor to incite interest and drive action. The “above water” scene represents the tumor, a familiar place that the oncologist is comfortable navigating. It’s only by looking deeper that you see the octopus tentacles beneath…and realize that “there’s more to some cancers than meets the eye.”

Agency Team:

Deborah Ciauro, Executive Creative Director
George Giunta, Group Creative Director
Teresa Kyle, Associate Creative Director
Sean Kinney, Associate Creative Director
Vanessa Gaby, Group Copy Supervisor
Genie Bane, Group Copy Supervisor
Stephen Sepulveda, Senior Art Director
Sherry Novembre, SVP Management Supervisor
Leeann Angel, VP Management Supervisor
Peggy Garella, Account Group Supervisor

Client Team:

Jane Brandman, Global VP Oncology
JJ Ferrer, Director, Strategic Marketing Lead, Oncology


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