Intouch Group, An EVERSANA Company

Craft matters, perhaps more so in healthcare marketing than in any other advertising spaces. The work must be un-ignorable, so that vital messages can do their job. To show that craft is something they’re brimming with at Intouch, the agency’s latest self-promotion campaign symbolizes its unique approach to solving client challenges in creative ways others can’t imagine.

NEXTMAKERS is Intouch’s whimsical take on what makes the agency stand out from the competition. In three short films, they communicate the agency’s strengths (forward-thinking strategy, cutting-edge data, forefront technology, and unbridled creativity) in different visual ways. To create the animated videos, Intouch enlisted three world-renowned artists to produce the films.

First, Nexus Studios animator, illustrator, and director Laurie Rowan went all in on details for his CGI short, “Space Garden,” obsessing over how each flower and plant might grow—the same way Intouch obsesses over every detail in their work for clients.

Then, award-winning stop-motion animation director, set designer, and model maker Catherine Prowse got meta, hand-crafting each set piece for her animation, “Cake,” the way Intouch hand-crafts solutions for clients’ challenges.

Finally, award-winning animation director Sophie Koko, channeling Rube Goldberg and Monty Python, created “Magic Machine,” which symbolizes Intouch’s unique, creative problem-solving approach to every project.

The campaign made its industry debut in fall 2021, via the Intouch website, blog, social media, search, trade media, and more—garnering over 1 million impressions and still counting.


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