PM360 2022 Innovative Startup Stratipath


Contact Person:
Fredrik Wetterhall, CEO

Stratipath is a pioneer in the novel field of AI-based precision cancer diagnostics. The clinical-stage company’s first-in-class AI-based breast cancer prognostic risk profiling solution is offered as a SaaS and provides an alternative to expensive and time-consuming molecular analysis.

Overall, the company’s mission is to address the severe shortcomings in today’s cancer diagnostics, including the fact that many cancers are assessed as neither high nor low risk, providing no information on what treatment the patient needs. Additionally, diagnosis can be significantly different between doctors, regions and countries, and over time. This leads to many patients being over- and undertreated, possibly receiving unnecessary toxic treatments with severe side effects or not getting the heavy treatment when it is essential.

Stratipath works to solve this using state-of-the-art deep learning technology to analyze routine microscope images from biopsies and resected tumors. The company’s unique data allows them to extract new prognostic and predictive information from the images—a process that can deliver results in 30 minutes compared to the one to five weeks it takes to complete molecular diagnostics analysis. The cost is also around one-tenth of a molecular analysis, which can make precision diagnostics available to more patients.

The company’s first solution, Stratipath Breast, is regulatory compliant in Europe (CE-IVD) and they are currently implementing Stratipath Breast at several healthcare providers and working with leading vendors, such as Roche, Sectra, Philips, etc., for further integration and commercialization.

Founded in 2019 by Johan Hartman, MD, PhD, Mattias Rantalainen, PhD, and Fredrik Wetterhall, Stratipath is now raising a Series A round to launch its solution internationally, further develop Stratipath Breast, and launch solutions for prostate cancer and life sciences companies.


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