PM360’s Investor Portfolio: Andrew Burns

PM360 introduces you to the people who invest in and help startups succeed, in this case Andrew Burns.

Affiliation: Managing Director, Confideo Ventures, a division of Confideo, LLC, which strategically invests and provides management consulting services to accelerate commercial organizations. Also leads strategy and partnerships at Confideo Labs, the company’s specialized immersive healthcare media firm. And advises and mentors for ASU HEALab.

Current Healthcare Portfolio: Weighted emphasis on early-stage technology, healthtech, biotech, and media companies. A few key investments: The StartupHealth Fund, Cohero Health, Eden Health, Avalyn, and Eirion Therapeutics.

Preferred Level of Investment: Angel/Seed

What He Looks for in Startups: My personal key evaluation criteria: (1) Commitment to create a product or service for the purpose of improving health outcomes: With particular focus on bettering patient outcomes, more efficient delivery of care, and potential to emanate the solution(s) to a global population at scale. (2) Introduction of innovative/unique solutions that have early-mover advantage. (3) Strong leader with an experienced team who understands the market opportunity. (4) “Focus and simplicity:” Steve Jobs’ mantra is important to me as the organization needs to execute in the near-term, and avoid the temptations of non-core business opportunity, in a way that the organization and the customer can understand and be more receptive.

Approach to Companies in Portfolio: Listen: Understand the business trends, opportunities, and challenges. Offer support: Share perspective, insight, and resources based on experience related to strategy, business development, marketing, and operations while connecting founders to key stakeholders who can support commercial business growth objectives.

Finding Startups to Invest In: Our existing network of colleagues and accelerators, plus attending events that provide access to a range of early-stage companies intertwined with shared insight from industry peers to stay abreast of industry trends and opportunities, gain knowledge about new companies, and interact with entrepreneurs.

Past Experience: Previous roles include CEO of Gobiquity Mobile Health and senior positions in corporate strategy and business development at Epocrates and SERMO.


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