Agile Therapeutics

Twirla (levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol) transdermal system brand launch

Agile asked us to help them launch their first commercial product, the first combined hormonal contraceptive patch for women. Research revealed some important things. That women and their healthcare professionals have unproductive conversations about contraception, which in turn has resulted in women generally being under-educated about their contraceptive options, and that as a result they rely heavily on their friends and family to help them feel more confident in their decision. It also solidified our belief that the contemporary woman comes in every shape, size, color, and background, and is leading a life that is full by design that she doesn’t want to have to put on pause for her birth control.

So we built a brand that speaks to women, authentically.

Our four Twirla women are black, brown, and white. They are mothers and career-women. They are active and busy, and taking control of their healthcare. They are excited about Twirla because it fits their lives, giving them the freedom and flexibility to be on-the-go without being tied down to a pill that they have to remember to take every day. And they are vibrant and colorful, wearing bright, fun clothing, and showing real expressions and emotions.

And the result? A successful brand launch that is gaining buzz and traction, with women of all ages.

LevLane Team:
Claire Altomari, Art Director & Illustrator
Kevin Dunn, SVP, Strategy & Client Engagement
Timmy Garde, Chief Innovation Leader
Gina Gattis, Senior Account Manager
Megan Hegarty, Director of Digital Services
Kathryn Leonard, Copywriter
Pamela Raitt, Executive Creative Director
Samantha Spurrier, Account Coordinator


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