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Connecting the Dots for Clinical Trial Recruitment

This super-short animated video (under two minutes) explains the concept behind Citeline Connect, an innovative approach to patient recruitment. Using an industry-first model based on collaboration vs. competition, Citeline Connect is a patient referral network and platform that brings together all recruitment stakeholders—trial sponsors, recruitment partners, healthcare companies, and patient/disease advocacy groups—to better match patients to trials.

The tagline “connecting the dots” reinforces the concept that Citeline Connect technology bridges the gap that previously existed between patient referrals and trial sites. As the video illustrates, with traditional recruitment methods many patients fall through the cracks. Citeline Connect, however, uses detailed pre-screener functionality to ensure that only qualified patients are referred.

Our video has been used as both an educational and a sales tool, to great success. The sponsor used the platform and its network to meet diversity recruitment goals for its Phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine trial, recovering from a 72% decline in non-white randomizations. In just 32 days, network partners delivered nearly 600 randomizations, representing 20% to 25% of the sponsor’s daily randomizations.

The video can be viewed here:

Informa Pharma Intelligence Team:
Animator: Juan Rodriguez


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