ELITE 2021 Strategist Daniel S. Fitzgerald of Apollo Intelligence

Daniel S. Fitzgerald


Apollo Intelligence

Reinventing the Path to Insights

As a seasoned, data-driven technophile and market research problem-solver, Daniel S. Fitzgerald has seen his share of antiquated industry processes. Dan has been at the forefront of the industry’s drive for innovation, helping to build and commercialize firms using technology to improve upon existing research techniques.

For more than 25 years—with firms such as META Group, Affinova, Global Market Insite (GMI), Lightspeed Research, and Reimagine—Dan has played a pivotal role in advancing category-leading advisory and market research businesses. Dan has worked with some of the best minds and firms in market research, introducing him to progressive innovation across industries in support of research and insights solutions for business. This inspiration is now part of what is shaping the path forward in life sciences to make market research faster, easier, and part of a dynamic learning process.

Dan’s latest endeavor is Apollo Intelligence, which he co-founded in August 2019. Apollo is powered by two brands. InCrowd, a market research pioneer—acquired in 2019—which provides a leading real-time healthcare insight platform, enabling fast, high-quality research solutions, and SurveyHealthcareGlobus, which Apollo acquired in July 2020 to expand its global operating footprint and reach of prescribers and healthcare professionals around the globe. Now, Apollo leverages the strengths of both brands to provide its clients with rapid insights for timely, informed business decisions.

Despite—and perhaps because of—2020’s many COVID-19 disruptions, Apollo was front and center with its clients and grew revenues more than 30%. In Apollo, Dan has built a life sciences market insights business that helps physicians and pharma companies navigate changing times.

Through sound and targeted strategic partnerships, Apollo has begun delivering more advanced research solutions using its deep stakeholder access, powerful, tech-enabled analytics, and deep healthcare domain expertise. To further help clients achieve their full potential, you can expect Dan and his team to continue to lead the way, saving precious time while gaining rich insights to bring therapies to market faster and improve life.


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