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Galactosemia Together

Galactosemia is a rare, metabolic condition with serious, heterogenous, life-long symptoms and unpredictable outcomes. While support resources exist for patients and caregivers, few are completely credible and reliable. So Applied Therapeutics set out to develop Galactosemia Together (www.galactosemia.com), a comprehensive ecosystem that educates, supports, and connects families impacted by Galactosemia.

The initiative was engineered by the very people who would benefit from it. Through a tightly knit partnership, Applied Therapeutics and members of the Galactosemia community came together in workshops to co-create not only the story that needed to be told, but how to tell it.

This engaging, omnichannel campaign uses black and white photography to capture the humanity of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals with curated color accents to represent the light being shed on the condition. It includes an educational website that features both a patient-friendly MOD video and a high-science, 3D video experience for HCPs, as well as informational emails and a Facebook community encouraging connection and shared experiences.

Launched in December 2020, Galactosemia Together was immediately embraced and championed by the community. To date, there are almost 200 Facebook followers and 2,000+ shares of the MOD video, a remarkable metric considering that only approximately 3,000 people in the U.S. have Galactosemia.

Heartbeat Team:
Dan Daley, EVP, Relationship Lead
Peter Flink, Group Account Director
Lisa Varshney, EVP, Strategy
David Cooperman, Senior Manager, Strategy
Ashley Noone, Senior Manager, Strategy
Madhuri Fletcher, PhD, SVP, Medical Director
Jillian Anderson, Group Creative Director
Pia Padukone, Creative Director, Copy
Andy Mathurin, Associate Creative Director, Art
Monica Aguayo, Director, Production
Scott Barrett, VP, Director of Social Strategy

Applied Therapeutics Brand Team:
Ray Coggins, VP, Marketing
Gabe Quiroga, Executive Director, Marketing


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